'Krypton's Shaun Sipos Wants Adam Strange To Get His Jetpack

Adam Strange is a human man who travels through time and space to save Superman in Krypton, SYFY's [...]

Adam Strange is a human man who travels through time and space to save Superman in Krypton, SYFY's new series which premiered last night.

Shaun Sipos, who plays Strange on the show, admits that the version seen onscreen is not totally at the point where fans might have expected him to be -- the one who wears a red-and-white space suit and jetpack -- but during a recent visit to the set, Sipos said he can't wait to get there.

"I didn't really know a whole lot about Adam Strange, as a kid," Sipos admitted. "I knew he existed, but I was more into, I was just more Superman and Batman. But, when I got this, DC sent me a whole whack of comics and then I just went through all of them. And it's, and he's quite an amazing character."

What about him is cool? Well, part of it is something that hasn't happened yet on Krypton.

"It's really f---ing cool too," Sipos told reporters. "Did you guys watch The Rocketeer? Adam Strange has a jet pack at a point. We haven't got to that yet. This is earlier on, but that thought sort of is something that I geek out over, the idea of it. I think every kid, or every person, wants to fly. So, I'm really looking forward to that."

Who can blame him?

The Strange of Krypton has a little bit of Booster Gold to him -- he's snarky, time-traveling, and seems to have some secrets that he has not yet let everyone else in on.

"The world of Krypton is very militaristic, it's dystopian," Sipos said. "But for Adam -- the very nature of Adam Strange is that he is different. He's strange. And when he goes in the comics, when he goes to Rann, everyone talks about how much life he has in him and that he does things that are different and he's kind of funny and sort of has a levity to him, that's fascinating to them. Rann is very similar to Krypton; it's very dystopian as well. So, I try and approach it with joy. I mean, he has a lot of pain. He had a difficult childhood. He didn't feel that he fit in. He didn't feel that he would be a superhero. He would be the last one to say that he would be one. But, I think that's what draws people to him, is that he's the unlikely superhero. If he can be a superhero, then anyone can be."

Krypton airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on SYFY.