SPOILER Leaves 'Legends of Tomorrow' in "Beebo the God of War"

In tonight's midseason finale, the Legends headed back to the time of the Vikings to deal with a curious anachronism, but by the time all was said and done the team found itself saying goodbye not just to an all-Viking future, but to a friend as well.

Spoilers for tonight’s midseason finale for Legends of Tomorrow's third season, "Beebo the God of War," below.

Still grieving from the death of Martin Stein/Firestorm (Victor Garber) during "Crisis on Earth-X," the Legends were surprised to find themselves facing young Stein (Graeme McComb) as well as the huggable blue stuffed animal-turned god, Beebo. While running into the younger version of their friend was hard on everyone, it was especially difficult for Jax (Franz Drameh). Jax tried to figure out how to somehow use the opportunity to save future Stein. He ultimately decides to try the Zari method of altering history without messing with the timeline. To do this, Jax leaves Stein in Central City 1992 with a letter and instructions to not open it until November 28, 2017 -- the day Stein dies to save Jax.

After the team manages to right the timeline, Jax asks Gideon to check and see if his letter worked. Unfortunately, Stein is still dead. Jax ends up going back to 1992 to speak to young Stein, who explains that he burned the letter. He had accepted his future death, and, like his older self, wanted Jax to live his life. When Jax returns to the Waverider, he's decided what that means. He tells Sara (Caity Lotz) that he can't move on from the loss of Stein unless he leaves the ship. Jax is leaving the Legends.

The team celebrates Jax by spending their Christmas holiday together before Sara walks Jax out of the ship and back to his life in the present. Of course, the door is always open for Jax to return. As Jax said, you never know when some danger isn't going to pop up that Central City will need saving from.


While fans have known that Garber was planning on exiting Legends of Tomorrow for a little while, Stein's death last week was quite an emotional blow. Now, with Jax unexpectedly -- but understandably -- leaving the team, it feels like a lot of loss to process. However, Citizen Cold (Wentworth Miller) is on the team to help pick up some slack, and he's not alone. In the final moments of the episode John Constantine showed up to ask for help.

And fans will have time to adjust to the losses of Stein and Jax. Legends of Tomorrow is now on winter hiatus and is expected to return in February.