Legends of Tomorrow: Here's What Happens When You Call Constantine's New Phone Number

Legends of Tomorrow made its triumphant return tonight, bringing some wild and truly delightful storytelling to The CW's weekly programming. The season premiere revealed some major new details with regards to our Legends, especially when it came to demon hunter and bisexual disaster John Constantine (Matt Ryan). Of course, a new era for Constantine wouldn't be complete without one main fixture -- a new voicemail message, which fans have already begun to discover since the episode aired. Spoilers for this week's season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, "Meet the Legends" below! Only look if you want to know!

The episode followed a documentary centered around the Legends, after what happened in Heyworld turned them into overnight celebrities. By the time the camera crew found Constantine, he and Gary Green (Adam Tsekman) were on their way to an exorcism, as Gary explained the new circumstances surrounding their relationship. Before breaking ties with his fairy grandmother, Nora Darhk (Courtney Ford), Gary asked for his greatest wish to be granted -- for him to be Constantine's apprentice. Nora agreed, and Gary took on his new role proudly. He then handed one of the documentary filmmakers a business card, which proclaimed "John Constantine & More" alongside the phone number 646-396-8703.

As Legends fans quickly learned, the number on the business card is actually a working number, which gives the following delightful voicemail below.

Gary: "You've reached John Constantine's Demon Defeaters and More! If this is a true demonic emergency and you're in immediate mortal peril, you've called the right number. Unfortunately, we've stepped away from the phone, so you'll have to leave a message. And remember, our merch shop is now open! So get your official John Constantine's Demon Defeaters and More t-shirts, with original artwork by Gary Green. Also, to whoever's been prank-calling us and muttering infernal curses, it's scary, and it's making me wet my bed, so we ask to stop."
Constantine: "Gary?! Why do we have all of these boxes of t-shirts?! Did you take my credit card again?"
Gary: "Gotta go! Leave a message!"

This is far from the first time that Constantine's onscreen phone numbers have hidden these kinds of voicemails, as the trend began with an Easter egg-filled voicemail when NBC's Constantine first debuted in 2014. That number was reactivated when Ryan reprised his role on Arrow years later, and a new voicemail was put into place when he crossed over onto Legends for the first time.


What do you think of Constantine's latest voicemail message? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.