New Legends Of Tomorrow Episode Title Hints At Big Twist

Legends of Tomorrow continues season 2's adventure, as the Legends team takes on a new role as [...]

Legends of Tomorrow continues season 2's adventure, as the Legends team takes on a new role as time sheriffs, after dismantling the Time Lords in season 1. So far, the season has been mostly episodic, hopping between different time periods in each episode; however, threads of a larger serialized storyline have been slowly but surely weaving together.

With the announcement of episode 211's title, it seems Legends is about turn a big corner, with a serious change-up to the team possibly coming our way.

As you can see in the Tweet from Legends producer Marc Guggenheim, episode 211 will be titled "Turncoat." The implications of that title are pretty strong, as it suggests a member of the Legends team could be a traitor. Throughout season 2 there's been vague implication that there could be an internal threat to the team, ever since Firestorm duo Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein discovered an ominous warning from a future version of Barry Allen / The Flash.

Based on the episode number and production date info, it's not hard to see "Turncoat" being the midseason finale episode of Legends season 2. If that's indeed the case, then we may have a solid lead as to what the traitorous implications of the title are all about.

It's already been confirmed that Wentworth Miller's Leonard "Captain Cold" Snart would be returning from the dead in Legends of Tomorrow's midseason finale. Snart won't be just returning, but will come back as a villainous member of the "Legion of Doom," whose ranks include Damien Darhk, Reverse-Flash and (following the big "Invasion" crossover event) Malcolm Merlyn.

Legion of Doom Header

If Snart returns as an evildoer, then he could indeed be the "Turncoat" from the episode title; however, if Snart is back, then it could be Dominic Purcell's Heatwave who breaks ranks. Mick's character arc has been a fun part of season 2, so hopefully he doesn't just revert back to thinly-drawn thug; having him heroically battle his former best friend would be far more interesting.

Legends of Tomorrow continues season 2 Thursday nights @ 8/7c on The CW.