Lucifer EP Breaks Down Massive Reveal in Episode 2

Lucifer's fifth season -- at least the first half of it -- is now streaming on Netflix and while [...]

Lucifer's fifth season -- at least the first half of it -- is now streaming on Netflix and while those eight episodes have some surprising twists, turns, and reveals there are few that are massive as what's revealed in episode two, "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!" It's the kind of twist that has the potential to change everything for Chloe and Lucifer on the Netflix series and now executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich are breaking down that reveal.

Heads up: spoilers for Season 5 of Lucifer beyond this point.

In "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!" Chloe (Lauren German) clues in that the man who looks and sounds like Lucifer (Tom Ellis) isn't the devil she knows but is instead his twin brother, Michael (also played by Ellis). After she reveals to Michael that she knows what he's up to, however, Chloe is hit with a major shock. Michael tells her that she's actually a gift from God specifically for Lucifer. She was never supposed to exist and, instead, her entire existence has been predetermined by God. While Chloe acts like it's not a big deal, it visibly bothers her and informs some of how she proceeds from there.

For Modrovich, this huge reveal is something she told TV Line "was actually one of the very huge things that we wanted to cover this season, because we do try to listen to our fans. A lot of people still wanted to know why Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable, so that was a big task that we set for ourselves."

Henderson further elaborated that the question of her own free will, specifically regarding her feelings for Lucifer, is something Chloe will struggle with.

"You're always looking for that reason for them to get a little closer... and a little further away," Henderson said. "Chloe will be rocked by the idea that her life choices seemingly weren't her own. Is she just a pawn in a celestial game? Does she really love Lucifer or was that what God wanted her to feel?"

And it turns out that Chloe's origin is something that that the series actually nearly covered last season. Henderson said they decided to hold off and fully explore the idea, as well as what it means for her relationship with Lucifer.

"This is all something we almost covered in Season 4, but we realized we wanted to hold onto it and really dig into it in Season 5 and explore the depth of Lucifer and Chloe's relationship even more so," Henderson said.

And Season 5 gives them a bit more space to do so than originally expected. Season 5 was originally only supposed to consist of 10 episodes but was ultimately extended to 16 total, broken into two halves.

"When we went from 10 to 16, [at] first we were like, 'How do we do this?' But literally within three days we were like, 'How could we ever had told the story without these stories?'" Henderson previously explained. "This was a big one because it ended up giving us such an opportunity to explore Lucifer in an early version of himself. Also, the big fun of the Princess Bride device is, as he's telling the story, he's basically putting the characters we know and love into it. He's replacing a hardboiled detective with Chloe Decker [Lauren German], another character with Dan Espinoza [Kevin Alejandro]. The fun of it is, who Lucifer chooses to be who and what that says about how he sees them. [It's] also super fun getting to see actors play wildly different roles than we're accustomed to seeing them."

The first half of Season 5 of Lucifer is now streaming on Netflix.

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