Lucifer Season 5 Extended With Six Additional Episodes

The upcoming fifth season of Lucifer may be its last, but fans of the Vertigo-inspired series are about to get more of the titular devil than they initially thought. After being renewed for a 10 episode final season by Netflix, the streaming service has added even more episodes to the order.

Netflix announced on Friday morning that the final season of Lucifer has been extended by six episodes, giving the upcoming outing a total of 16 episodes to wrap up the story of the series. The streaming giant broke the news via a tweet from its See What's Next account.

"Lucifer Season 5 just got a HELL of a lot better -- and bigger," reads the tweet. "We've added six more hours, for a grand total of 16 episodes!"

While 16 episodes may seem like a lot compared to the 10 in Season 4 and the 10 initially ordered for Season 5, it's nothing compared to the first three installments of Lucifer that aired on FOX. Lucifer originally ran on FOX until it was cancelled ahead of its Season 3 finale. Not long after that, it was revealed that Netflix had picked the series back up for a fourth season.

It was initially planned for Season 4 and Season 5 to be 10 episodes each, telling the entire story that was meant for the fourth season on FOX. Now, it looks like the writers have a little bit more to say, and need a little extra time to wrap up the entire series.

There's a lot that still needs to happen to bring Lucifer to a close, and 16 episodes seems like a much more appropriate amount of time to get it all done.

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