'Lucifer' Season 4 Finale Title Teases New King of Hell

It looks like there will be a new King of Hell in the season four finale of Lucifer, filming soon [...]

It looks like there will be a new King of Hell in the season four finale of Lucifer, filming soon ahead of the series' fourth season premiere on Netflix.

The Lucifer writers' room released a glimpse at the cover page for the season finale script, which is titled "[REDACTED]: King of Hell," and urged fans on Twitter to guess who the new King might be.

Given the length of the blacked-out section, an obvious choice might be Amenadiel, who has a pretty long name...but even that does not seem quite long enough to fill that space.

Of course, for our own amusement, we kind of want it to be Dan Espinoza, the character played by Kevin Alejandro.

"The running joke in the room is that Dan has developed a taste for murder," Henderson said. "In season two, he and Maze helped basically kill the guy who killed Chloe's dad, so the joke became that he had gotten a taste, and now, he can't help himself. So whenever Dan's not onscreen, it's because he's murdering someone."

The answer might also tie into a reported new character being introduced in the show's fourth season -- but if so we don't know that character's name yet.

The biggest change to the series will be a practical one: rather than a 22-episode season on television, Lucifer will have a 10-episode run on Netflix. That means a tighter, more condensed main story, with showrunners thinking they will probably still stick right around the 40- to 44-minute length for episodes.

"We'll probably stick roughly to our 43 minutes," co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich confirmed at Comic Con. "That's part of what we're going to talk to Netflix about. I think we might have a bit of room for flexibility, hopefully, so if there's a scene we love and we don't want to cut it, we're hoping that now we won't have to. But we're not suddenly going to have hour-and-a-half episodes!"

The fourth season of Lucifer is in production now with an eye toward a likely late 2019 release date.

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