Christopher McQuarrie Says He Was Never Asked To Make Man of Steel 2

Man of Steel 2 seems to be the film that will never be. After setting up Zack Snyder in the DCEU years ago, fans were left waiting for the return of Superman. For a moment, it seemed things were going to pan out for Clark Kent, but a recent report confirmed the sequel is back at the starting block.

And thanks to an update, it turns out Christopher McQuarrie was never asked to take over the sequel either.

Over on Twitter, the director set the record straight with a simple post. After reports confirmed Matthew Vaughn exited talks for Man of Steel 2, McQuarrie chimed in to say he was never asked to do the sequel and likely won’t be.

“Exclusive: They never asked. They never will. Carry on,” the filmmaker revealed.

This report conflicts from previous pieces which once attached McQuarrie to the film. Man of Steel fans had thought the Mission: Impossible director was being eyed for the project, but it turns out that was never the case. According to McQuarrie, he was never asked to oversee Man of Steel 2, and fans aren’t even sure if DC Films is eager to explore such a sequel any more.

After all, the future of Superman in the DCEU is rather cloudy. It wasn’t too long ago reports surfaced saying Warner Bros. Pictures had parted ways with Henry Cavill on Superman. With no actor in place to suit up as the Kryptonian hero, the likelihood of this sequel ever happening is dwindling, and fans admit the loss is shame. After all, Vaughn did have big plans in store for the hero, and he shared that vision with Polygon by calling it a “massive, uplifting, hopeful” story. The Krypton-centric tale would have dove deep into Superman's origins, but it looks like neither Vaughn nor McQuarrie will be sticking around to see what adventure Clark Kent will undertake in the DCEU next... if any.


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