Marc Guggenheim, Matt Ryan Tease a Smoking John Constantine on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

John Constantine Matt Ryan

In a pair of Twitter posts, Marc Guggenheim and former Constantine set designer Dave Blass have implied that Matt Ryan's John Constantine will smoke when he returns to the Arrowverse in a January episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

After tweeting out the script cover for "Daddy Darhkest," the tenth episode of Legends of Tomorrow's third season, Guggenheim "corrected" himself by re-publishing the page with John Constantine's red tie and cigarette superimposed over it, indicating that production had started on the first of Ryan's two Constantine episodes. One fan posted what appears to be an Instagram story post from someone on set, showing Caity Lotz and Matt Ryan sitting together in wardrobe, with a caption suggesting that the characters were doing a Tarot reading. Ryan retweeted the Guggenheim tweet, along with a second tweet from Blass, which showed a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

"My lucky Lighter is back in the hands of my favorite Petty Dabbler about to start a new Adventure," it read.

These might seem somewhat innocuous, but in reality they add up to something: it seems John Constantine will be smoking on Legends of Tomorrow.

That is a big deal mostly because the character is a chain smoker in the comics -- and the habit was actually a driving force behind one of his most popular stories of all time.


When his show came to NBC, the smoking was implied and rarely seen, right up until the last few episodes when they were seemingly already cancelled, but were still trying to salvage the show and in fact finding their rhythm. Along the way, the absence of Constantine's smoking habit was a point of contention for fans.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT following new episodes of The Flash.