Matt Ryan Wants Constantine to Meet the Joker

Over the years, Matt Ryan's portrayal of John Constantine has interacted with a roster of DC [...]

Over the years, Matt Ryan's portrayal of John Constantine has interacted with a roster of DC Comics characters, both in live action and in animation. But there's one character that he'd still like his trenchcoated badass to cross paths with.

In a recent interview with ScreenGeek, Ryan was asked if there's a specific DC villain he'd like to share the screen with. While he didn't specify which medium it would happen in, he hinted that it would be fun to see Constantine interact with The Joker, just because it's so unpredictable.

"I always wondered how Constantine would be with the Joker." Ryan revealed. "Most of the time when I think of John in a situation with the other heroes, I can kind picture what would happen. With the Joker, I don't know. I love the way they wrote his interaction with Batman [in Justice League Dark]. There's not a lot there in terms of dialogue, it's just the one liners like calling him 'Batsy' and whatnot. Those little things. In a way, they're kind of very similar, John and Batman/Bruce Wayne. I really like that dynamic, and what was [also] great about Justice League Dark was being able to play some of those relationships with characters that we didn't get to on the show – even though it's just a voice thing. It was really great to explore those dynamics. I've just got the Joker in my head now, though."

But as Ryan went on, he realized that Constantine and the Joker might actually see eye-to-eye in an interesting way.

"What would the first scene be if those guys get together?" Ryan added. "I think the Joker would like John Constantine. He's a dark soul, and they could almost be friends but John's soul kind of wouldn't let it happen."

Before any potential meet up between Constantine and the Joker happens, Ryan will reprise his role in two more upcoming episodes of Legends of Tomorrow's third season. And fans can expect to see Constantine cross paths with one of the Arrowverse's most prominent foes, Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough).

"When [Darhk] was first mentioned in Arrow, there was obviously some connection between him and John," Ryan told at the time. "And then with everything that happens in this episode, it does leave the door open a bit. There is obviously some other kind of relationship that they've had or backstory that goes on between him and John, which there is potential to explore."

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Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.