New Suicide Squad Movie Argus Website Reveals Secret Files

Can't get enough Suicide Squad? Gearing up for the rest of the movies in the DC Universe?

Well, you're in luck. DC has just revealed a new website to slowly reveal secrets about the characters in the DC films. takes you to a government-looking website with barely anything on it. Aside from the ARGUS imprint in the center of the background, the only thing to notice is a file in the top right corner of the page.

There, you will find a file that you can open, titled ARGUS_SECURE.

In this file, there are nine folders containing information. While seven of them say 'Restricted' along the bottom, the first two have been revealed: TASKFORCE_X and META_HUMANS.

The Task Force X folder is able to be opened, and it shows individual files for each member of the Suicide Squad. You can't open the files yet, but DC revealed in a tweet, from the official Suicide Squad account, that new information will be made available each week.

If would make sense that each of the files in the first folder would open, one at a time, for the next several weeks. After that, the focus would be on the files outlining the Meta-Humans.

The name of the site, ARGUS, definitely fits with the theme of secret files throughout. Argus was the name of the government organization in DC comics that gives intel to the Justice League. Argus is led by Amanda Waller, who is currently in charge of the Suicide Squad.

It's also worth noting that there are nine of these folders on the site, and only two have been revealed.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

The two folders contain information about Task Force X and the Meta-Humans, and that is representative of the two films DC released this year. Task Force X is the Suicide Squad, and the Meta-Humans were a subject of interest in Batman V Superman.


This leaves seven file folders restricted, and there are seven new properties that have been slated by DC. Wonder Woman, Justice League, The Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Green Lantern Corps could all get Argus files as time goes on.

While this site doesn't reveal any new information yet, it does tease more to come in the future. Check back with Argus every Monday for a chance to see something new from the DC Universe.