New Supergirl Extended Trailer Possibly Reveals Cyborg Superman

Next week, Supergirl fans will finally see Cyborg Superman make his way to the hit series. Earlier [...]

Next week, Supergirl fans will finally see Cyborg Superman make his way to the hit series. Earlier this year, the folks behind Supergirl confirmed the character would star in the show's second season, and fans have gone wild with conspiracies about who will play the villain. For a while, fans wondered whether Tyler Hoechlin would return to the show not as Superman but as the hero's cyborg counterpart, but those rumors were squashed. But, now, it looks like fans might have gotten their first look at Cyborg Superman in a recent trailer for Supergirl's next episode.

If you take the clip at face-value, then it looks like David Harewood's Hank Henshaw will be the baddie. The original one, more than likely.

The extended trailer for Supergirl's "The Darkest Place" ends with footage of Kara Zor-El getting beaten by Hank Henshaw. The man throws the Kryptonian to the ground, prompting Supergirl to look up and ask, "Why are you doing this?" In true supervillain style, Hank Henshaw (or Cyborg Superman) tells the alien he's doing it because "it's time for [her] to die!"

So far, fans seem to think that the extended trailer indicates that Hank Henshaw will act as Cyborg Superman on the series - and fans are not too surprised. A popular fan-theory about Hank acting as Cyborg Superman has been going about the Internet for awhile now, and its reasoning is sound.

If you are not familiar with Cyborg Superman and his origins, then you should know Hank was the villain in the comics. While the character's backstory was very different, Hank's on-screen iteration shared a hatred for alien much like his original counterpart. They both held a grudge against Superman and wanted to destroy any alien visitors to Earth, so they impersonated the hero to besmirch him.

In the comics, Hank turned into Cyborg Superman after he forcibly inserted his consciousness into the hero's birthing matrix. However, it seems as if the villain's origin will be altered in Supergirl. If the real Hank is acting as Cyborg Superman, then that means the man is not actually dead. Hank was said to have died on Supergirl after encountering the Green Martian, J'onn J'onzz. After his death, J'onn took on the visage of Hank and took over his work at the Department of Extra-Normal Operations.

Right now, it seems like Hank might not have been as dead as fans felt. The villain might have become with Project CADMUS, so they illicit government agency might have helped turn Hank into Cyborg Superman to help him take out aliens.


Of course, there are other options for why fans see Hank beating up Supergirl in this extended trailer. Since the J'onn uses Hank's image on the show, the Green Martian could be the one smacking down Supergirl. Yesterday's episode saw the extraterrestrial receive an emergency blood transfusion from the White Martian M'gann after being injured, so the procedure might have caused some undue effects.

Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. "The Darkest Place" will debut on November 21.