No, 'Batman: Hush' Was Never Meant to Be Released in April 2019

In what seems to be an error made by a home video retailer that swept the internet as "fact," fans on social media are wondering what happened to Batman: Hush, the DC Universe animated movie set to be released later this year. Reports had pegged the Hush release date as April 16 -- the same day that Justice League vs. The Fatal Five was released on DVD and Blu-ray. There's only one problem: Batman: Hush was never announced as an April release, and was no in fact ever scheduled to come out this month. An inaccurate release date became widely circulated in the absence of any official news about the true date.

Fans who have been paying attention for the last decade or so know that the way Warner Bros. generally tackles those animated movies is that every quarter or so a new one is released, with a preview for the next installment appearing on the Blu-ray release of the current one. That pattern repeated this week with Justice League vs. Fatal Five, which featured a sneak peek at Batman: Hush, including snippets of footage, cast and crew interviews, and a quick look at the official box art for the movie. No trailer has yet been released for Batman: Hush, which generally happens several weeks before the release of DC's animated feature films.

Last year at Comic Con International: San Diego, Warner Bros. publicist Gary Miereanu, who handles the DC Universe animated movies for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, made the announcement that Batman: Hush was coming at a screening for The Death of Superman. At the panel, he promised Reign of the Supermen, followed by Justice League vs. the Fatal Five in the spring. He began to say "next summer," and then stopped short and asked the audience whether they would like WBHE to come back to Comic Con in July 2019 and show them Batman: Hush. That certainly seems to suggest that Hush was not only meant to release in the summer, but likely close to the same time as The Death of Superman, which was featured at such a screening last year. That movie made its way to DVD and Blu-ray on July 20, 2018.

You can see Miereanu's announcement above. While several websites picked up the April release date for Hush, most larger sites who communicate regularly with Warner Bros. did not. During our February breakdown of upcoming DC releases, suggested that the film was likely to be released in July or August, based on previous release schedules.



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