James Gunn Assures DC Fans Peacemaker Season 2 Is "Safe" Amid Warner Bros. Cuts

Recent moves from Warner Bros. Discovery have DC fans worried about the future of the company's comic-inspired film and TV projects. CEO David Zaslav has been on a mission to cut $3 billion from the entertainment division since the the merger was made official in April. The latest casualty appears to be the Batgirl movie, which has reportedly been shelved by WBD despite being almost finished with post-production. A production that cost nearly $90 million is now apparently disappearing, and it has fans concerned about the fate of other projects. 

Peacemaker, The Suicide Squad's acclaimed spinoff series, was a hit for HBO Max in its first season, and the streamer ultimately renewed it for Season 2. Fortunately, it doesn't seem like Peacemaker Season 2 is going to be a casualty of WBD's cuts. Following the frustrating Batgirl news, a fan asked Gunn is Peacemaker Season 2 would be "safe" from the current troubles. He quickly put those worries to rest with his response.

Gunn became a major household name with his work on the Guardians of the Galaxy movies for Marvel Studios. Last year, Gunn teamed up with Warner Bros. for The Suicide Squad, which received loads of critical acclaim and led to the creation of Peacemaker, starring John Cena. The experience has Gunn thinking he'll spend more time in television after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

"I think I pretty much have decided that after I'm done with Guardians, I'm going to be doing television for at least a year. My mind's made up on that," Gunn confirmed with Variety. "Not all the shows that we're dealing with are things that I'm going to be writing and directing, so some of them may take different amounts of my time. Peacemaker is going to be me writing, me directing, and spending all my time on set. But other shows that may not be writing and directing or not directing all the episodes."  

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