Ray Fisher On Importance Of Diversity In 'Cyborg' Movie

With Justice League set to hit theaters later this month, the push for diversity in super hero [...]

With Justice League set to hit theaters later this month, the push for diversity in super hero films rolls on as Ray Fisher's Cyborg joins the ranks of cinematic heroes. Looking beyond the ensemble film, Fisher hopes his future standalone movie will build on the diversity of both the world it is creating and the crew behind it.

Speaking to ComicBook.com at a press event for Justice League, Fisher compared the potential upcoming Cyborg film to that of Marvel Studios' Black Panther, which is largely comprised of black actors and filmmakers.

"I think the cast should be diverse in everything we do," Fisher said. "And I think the crew, equally importantly, should be as diverse. The representation at every level, I think it needs to be adhered to. Because a lot of the decisions being made, you may have actors of a certain ethnicity portraying the parts, but you also want people making sure that culturally, in particular with Black Panther, because they're building a whole universe, it makes sense."

Fisher sees the Black Panther film as having needed a slew of black actors to create its world. "They're building a whole culture," Fisher said. "Building an entire culture." It's something he hopes can influence the Cyborg movie wherever applicable. "With Cyborg specifically, I don't necessarily think it's about his particular story," Fisher said. "It isn't about black or white. I think the story is about being human, and what that means. And you can have anybody telling that kind of story."

Fisher's take on diversity ranges well-beyond black actors and filmmakers. He is quick to cite DC and Warner Bros. other successful title: Wonder Woman. The June movie came from the direction Patty Jenkins, making her the first female to direct a super hero film, while the film itself was the first titled after a female hero.

"I think as far as I'm concerned, Patty Jenkins could, should be able to direct a Cyborg movie," Fisher said. "I think Patty Jenkins should be able to direct a Batman movie if she wants to. I don't think it's specific to that unless the film itself has that cultural experience. But across the boards, we need to mix it up and make sure that people are getting opportunities."

"It only helps all of us more," Fisher said. "I made a joke that DC is going to change their name to Diversity Comics, just looking at Suicide Squad. Looking at what they're doing with just mixing things up. Obviously Will Smith playing Deadshot. I think we're making huge leaps. We've still got room to go, for sure."

Fisher's first true outing as Cyborg can be seen in Justice League on November 17, 2017.