Someone Re-Edited The Batman Warehouse Scene And Made It Even Better

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has its flaws to be sure, but few will dispute how amazing the Batman warehouse scene turned out to be. A new edit just made it even better.

The original scene takes place after Batman and Superman duel it out, with Batman almost killing Superman in the process. Superman's mother is in danger though, and Batman vows to save her, resulting in a brutal fight scene. Youtube user REEKERS decided to make the already great scene that much better by adding a new score to the proceedings, as well as slightly editing the footage, and the results are fantastic.

The score used for the new edit is This Ends Now from Really Slow Motion, and it's amazing the difference it makes. It hits just as Batman crashes the window. What's great though is it quickly subsides in line with the footage, slowly rising with violins that build until Batman crashes through the floor. From there the moody soundtrack meshes perfectly with the action on screen, and every bullet, punch, and strike is heightened as it continues to crescendo.

In short, it's fantastic, and you should definitely check out the new edit in the video above. For more of REEKERS' work, you can head to his YouTube page.

Batman was played by Ben Affleck, who reprised his role as the caped crusader in this year's Justice League, as well as for a cameo in Suicide Squad. It is unknown if he will stick around for Matt Reeve's The Batman solo film though, so enjoy this scene and others featuring Affleck while you can.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is available on digital services, HBO, Blu-ray, and DVD.

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