Red Hood and Nightwing Talk James Wan's Aquaman in New GEGGHEAD Video

Red Hood and Nightwing are at it again! The DC characters are frequently played by Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jon Lee Brody in GEGGHEAD’s sketch series, Superhero Stakeouts. The show sees the two characters waiting out bad guys in their car while discussing various topics. Lately, they’ve been reviewing all sorts of films, and their latest discussion centers on James Wan’s Aquaman. had the opportunity to speak with Brody about GEGGHEAD, Aquaman, and Wan, who is both a friend and mentor to Brody.

“I thought it was great,” Brody said of Aquaman. “I really enjoyed it. I very much liked how Mera comes to the surface to recruit Arthur/Aquaman to come to Atlantis. It reminded me of the animated film Throne of Atlantis which was adapted from the graphic novel written by the great Geoff Johns. James Wan has a way of staying true to the source material while still putting his signature on it. Tough to find that balance but the great ones have a way of making it look easy."

“I can share some info that I'm not sure he has yet,” Brody teased. “James once texted while he was at a convention and saw someone in a really bad Aquaman outfit. I'm talking Super Friends, but not super and no one's friend. It was in that moment that James told me 'I have to make a cool Aquaman movie.’ Now, this was a while back. Then, after The Conjuring came out, James pretty much had his pick for a studio movie and he landed on Furious 7. After Furious 7 made a billion dollars in record time, he then had his pick of virtually anything he wanted, and that led him to Aquaman. I'm not sure if James is a follower of The Secret but he definitely manifested it. So seeing it all come to life and become real and then celebrate it all at the premiere was truly a special moment.”

Brody also teased that GEGGHEAD has new gaming streams coming soon:


“New soundstage is up and running and lots of new content coming. And hoping to officially announce all the other new projects during the month of September.”

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