Rick Famuyiwa Doing His Research For The Flash Movie


Dope director Rick Famuyiwa has only officially been the new director for The Flash - that's the Ezra Miller-starring March 2018 big screen release, not the small-screen incarnation on The CW, but he's already getting to work. First step? A whole lot of reading!

In the above instagram post, Famuyiwa said in pun-tacular manner, "Today was a BLUR" with a winky emoji. Yes, he has a stack there of twelve trade paperbacks of The Flash by DC Comics, with stories that range from the more recent New 52 comics to several trades form just pre-Flashpoint to what look like trades (based on the logos and spines) that go all the way back to the Silver Age. That's a lot of reading, and a very wide range of Flash stories. It's hard to see what exactly he's looking for there, except to just completely engross himself in the character. Those trades contain a wide variety of takes on The Flash, as well as a wide variety of villains, so don't look for any specific clues in this first of images.

Fans should be excited, however, to see him do such extensive research into the character, and for him to be looking at several eras to get an idea of what makes The Flash unique and connected through every stage of storytelling. Famuyiwa has a long way to go before he's behind the camera, as Justice League is currently filming and he won't have his star until it has been completed.


The Flash is in pre-production now for a March 23, 2018 release.