Squad Yourself In New Suicide Squad Icon Generator

Suicide Squad Icon

Cartoon Network started a craze when they released a Powerpuff Girls themed icon and wallpaper generator a few months ago, where you could transform yourself into a mini sized powerhouse just like Buttercup, Bubbles, and Blossom.

Now Warner Bros. has given their own spin to the premise with their Squad Yourself icon generator, based upon their much-anticipated Suicide Squad film. The generator is pretty easy to get the hang of, and you end up having your own custom Squad themed skull to share as you please afterwards.

First, you pick the actual skull shape, and then you move on to picking the shapes for your eyes, nose, mouth, and hair. You've got a lot of choices to pick from, and my favorite part of that is the expression eyes. It makes me feel like Deadpool.

Suicide Squad Icon Full

Next up is picking facial accessories, like a tattoo or beard, and then grabbing yourself some shades or reading glasses, because Skulls need all these things, it's a known fact. Then you get to the gear section, which has a bunch of character themed stuff, including some standout items like Katana's mask and Enchantress' necklace.

Finally, its time to pick a name for your skull and a background. I spent way too much time on the background part, but I didn't spend all that time going through all the steps just to wreck it with a horrible background image.


You can see the result of my work above, and you can try it out for yourself here.