Stephen Amell Would Love To Have Kevin Smith In Arrow Writers' Room

A few weeks ago, Kevin Smith revealed a specific vision and desire he has for episodes of Arrow. The writer/director recently directed an episode of Arrow's fellow CW super hero show, The Flash, but doesn't want to stop there. Arrow's leading man Stephen Amell is completely interested in the idea of Smith taking on a couple of episodes.

Smith's episode of The Flash was very well received by fans. Previously, he had written several issues of Green Arrow comics for DC Comics. Those things considered, it is probably why Amell bursts out "Of course, he could do a good job!" when asked about Smith joining the Arrow writing team.

"I think that adding anyone to the writer's room, much less Kevin Smith, is always a huge bonus," Amell explains. "We haven't had it in a little bit but in the first couple of seasons, Geoff Johns would write a couple of episodes or lean in on a couple of episodes and he did one in particular, 1x16, [Dead to Rights], it's when Tommy found out for the first time that I was Green Arrow, and those episodes always had a little bit of a punch, so I'd love to have Kevin come on board."

Smith is quite busy right now. His Yoga Hosers film is touring nationwide, Comic Book Men is getting another season, and he is returning to The Flash's third season to direct another episode but if Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti made the call, we would have to assume Smith would make time to write a few episodes.


Amell's new film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is now playing in theaters, and Arrow will return for its fifth season this fall.