Suicide Squad's Cara Delevingne Once Dreamed Of Being Spider-Man

Kids go through a lot of phases but one thing most of us at probably have in common [...]


Kids go through a lot of phases but one thing most of us at probably have in common is having dreamt of being a super hero at one point. While Suicide Squad's Cara Delevigne is living out that dream on the big scream, she once envisioned herself as a particular hero on the other side of the comic book spectrum.

This August, we'll see Delevigne pull off the role of DC's Enchantress. It's a dark character in a dark movie but one which Delevigne is excited for nonetheless. Growing up, though, she had another super powered person involved from the Marvel universe: Spider-Man.

"When I was a kid, I always wanted to be other people," Delevigne tells W Magazine. "I went through different stages: I was a few Spice Girls for a while—first Baby, then Sporty, and then Ginger. I was never Posh, because she wore little black dresses, and I didn't want to be that kind of girl. Beyond that, I only dreamed of being male superheroes. Spider-Man, especially, had a cool costume and cool toys. There were not many strong superhero-type women, apart from Wonder Woman—but I didn't want to be a 5-year-old running around in, like, a bikini."

By the sound of it, it was mostly the cool one piece suit and web slinging abilities that attracted Delevigne's fantasy of being Spider-Man. "It was the sense of dressing up and feeling really tough," she says.

Though Spider-Man is taken by Tom Holland, Delevigne's entrance to the super hero world in Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5.