'Supergirl's Chris Wood Makes Statement Following Andrew Kreisberg's Sexual Harassment Allegations

In the wake of recent sexual harassment allegations that have been levied against The CW [...]

In the wake of recent sexual harassment allegations that have been levied against The CW television producer Andrew Kreisberg, actors involved with the network's DC Comics-inspired shows have made statements about the situation.

The latest is Supergirl actor Chris Wood. Wood took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the allegations and, more specifically, on the recent industry-wide calling-out of creators, producers, directors, and actors for sexual misconduct. Wood also specifically addresses his "fellow men."

You can read Wood's statement below:

"Supergirl, at its core, is about women. Strong, brilliant, capable compassionate women who fight for what is right and stand up against injustice. It is a shame that the stories we tell and the words we say don't seem to be resonating with everyone behind the scenes. I'm tired of seeing men taking advantage of an aged and tired concept of alpha-elitism. Without the public shaming of this behavior -- this industry-wide standard of stubborn and often angry sexism -- those perpetuating the problem can continue to behave like cavemen. But there is another issue to address: when victims bravely speak up, the common choice by those in power to respond with silence. We must hold each other accountable. Too quickly there is denial of any knowledge of misconduct, despite the impossibility that this many occurrences of harassment went unnoticed and unreported by everyone. Often it seems that the problems are not dealt with until the media force them into the open, and then those who had the power to do something and chose to do nothing feign ignorance. A responsibility that comes with having power is taking care of those who work for you, and I hope each person involved in tolerating this behavior is now reflecting upon their decisions. I have and will continue to speak up when I see inappropriate actions in the workplace, and will choose to not work with those who continue to build toxic work environments.

And to my fellow men: we can do better."

Wood's comments follow The Flash star Grant Gustin and Arrow star Stephen Amell's comments regarding the unfolding Kreisberg situation. Kreisberg was showrunner for multiple DC Entertainment properties on The CW until he was suspended last week with Warner Bros. Television Group investigating allegations of sexual harassment.

As of right now, DC Entertainment has provided no update on the pending investigation. ComicBook.com will keep readers updated as news becomes available.