'Supergirl' Introduces Its Version of a Beloved Super-Pet

Spoilers ahead for the Supergirl episode 'Legion of Super-Heroes,' which airs tonight.After being [...]

Spoilers ahead for the Supergirl episode "Legion of Super-Heroes," which airs tonight.

After being badly beaten by Reign in the 2017 finale, Supergirl began tonight's episode, "Legion of Super-Heroes," in a catatonic state, visitted by Legion member Brainiac 5. Besides Brainy, she really only had a single guest in her head: a cat.

Streaky, to be exact.

In the context of the story, Streaky was the pet Cat Kara had during her childhood, and it was the cat that was instrumental in helping her to learn how to handle life on Earth: she loved the cat but knew that her incredible strength could hurt it if she played with it, so over a long period of time, she taught herself to very, very carefully approach things.

In the original comics, Streaky the Super-Cat was a regular cat from Earth who, who gained powers when exposed to an experimental "Kryptonite-X" and enjoyed the same flight, super-speed, invulnerability and other powers Kryptonians have.

The character first appeared in 1960, created by Otto Binder and Jim Mooney. His final appearance would be in 1970, although numerous other cats inspired by or named for Streaky have appeared in the time since. None had super-powers.

The most recent version in the comics appeared during DC's 2011-2016 publishing line referred to as The New 52. That version was named Streaky because he "didn't understand" the litter box.


During her time in the Legion of Super-Heroes, Supergirl learned that Streaky had a 30th century descendant named Whizzy, who also had superpowers.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Streaky has also appeared in all-ages Super-Pets comics and had a cameo on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. An animated version appeared on the Krypto the Super-Dog TV series.

It is likely that the original Streaky lost his powers off-panel when Superman transformed all of Earth's Kryptonite (which presumably included the Kryptonite-X) into iron in "Kryptonite Nevermore." Since the cat had ceased appearing in comics by the time that story was told, it is impossible to be sure.

Like the various Streaky cats that came around after Crisis on Infinite Earths (a 1985 continuity-altering event that got rid of the original Supergirl for about 15 years), Superman's dog Krypto -- a Kryptonian dog -- had several post-Crisis, pre-Flashpoint imitators. Before the classic Kryptonian dog appeared in the 2000s, the most notable version was a stray dog rescued by "Bibbo" Bibbowski, Metropolis tavern owner and Superman's biggest fan. That version of Krypto would eventually be gifted to the Conner Kent Superboy and would be his pet for some time.

Supergirl airs new episodes on Monday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW all throughout January.