New Supergirl Trailer Reveals Best Look Yet at Season 5 Villain

There are only a few weeks left before Supergirl returns for its fifth season and as we get closer to the season premiere, The CW has dropped a brand new trailer for the premiere. The new, full trailer for "Event Horizon" arrived on Sunday, giving fans their best look yet at the villain kicking off Season 5, the mysterious and difficult to defeat Midnight. Fortunately for National City, Supergirl doesn't hide from anything and that includes Midnight. You can check out the trailer in the video above.

At this point, not a whole lot is knowing about Supergirl's Midnight. It was announced back in August that Van Helsing's Jennifer Cheon Garcia had been cast as the villain in a guest-starring role. At that time, Midnight was described as being the physical manifestation of darkness and a murderous villain who was released from an otherworldly prison to exact revenge against the person who put her there. Cheon Garcia has previously appeared in the Arrowverse, playing a SCPD office during Arrow's second season.

At this point it's unclear how or if this version of Midnight will have any connection to the comics. There are several characters using Midnight as a name across DC Comics with the character originally serving as a Dick Tracy-esque vigilante who was eventually folded into the DC Universe and made a member of the Freedom Fighters. With Supergirl's Midnight being a villain, it seems likely that this character is an entirely new interpretation.

In addition to the best-yet look at Midnight, the trailer also teases strife between Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Lena (Katie McGrath). As fans of the series recall, Lena discovered during the Season 4 finale that her best friend is actually Supergirl and it's a revelation that changes everything and potentially sends Lena down a dark path in Season 5.

"This season's going to be a fight for Lena's soul," Benoist previously told Entertainment Weekly, revealing that she was surprised and heartbroken by how Lena found out Kara's secret. "I was devastated that it was Lex Luthor that told her. That was such a shot in the heart to Lena, a character that my character loves so dearly. It was painful."


Supergirl's fifth season will begin with "Event Horizon" on Sunday, October 6th at 9/8c on The CW.