Supergirl Will Have A New Suit In Season 3

Among the many great things about comic-based television shows is the variety of suits that the principle characters get a chance to take from the canon and put on the screen.

With the myriad of questions surrounding Supergirl coming into Season Three, one that fans will want to wait to be answered is when will Kara put on a variant of the traditional suit. Talking with Entertainment Weekly at Comic-Con, Melissa Benoist said that it is happening.

"There is a different suit that I will be wearing at some point this season, but I won't tell you when or to what capacity," Melissa Benoist said. "It's cool, though."

She added that the new digs are likely to be a temporary change but that it will happen.

The new season is set to feature the Worldkiller known as Reign, as well as the Arrowverse debut of Robert DuBois, or Bloodsport for his more ferocious side.

The Bloodsport mantle has been taken up by a few different people, with DuBois being the first and one of the most prominent. As a mercenary, Bloodsport was unstable and obsessed with the Vietnam War. He eventually was captured after a confrontation with Superman.

In the comics, the original Bloodsport was replaced by a racist white supremacist. The two were then placed in the same prison and ignited a race riot, which would be a pretty sensitive issue for Supergirl to tackle should they go in that direction, but with the current political climate the CW could push the envelope by making a statement on the airwaves.

For her role, Kara Danvers will have a lot to deal with when the new season premieres on October 9th. Her boyfriend, Mon-El, had to abandon her after the failed Daxamite invasion, her sister Alex just asked Maggie Sawyer to marry her, and now she feels the pressure of protecting the Earth from alien threats.


Calista Flockhart will also be taking on an increased role this season, and with Mon-El expected to inevitably return, expect Kara's personal life to continue having an affect on her duties as Supergirl.

Supergirl returns for its third season on The CW with its premiere episode on October 9th.

SupergirlMonday at 8 PM on CBS

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