'Supergirl's Katie McGrath Hints at a "Personal Relationship" For Lena and James

Brace yourselves, SuperCorp fans: it sounds like Lena Luthor will be spending some one-on-one time with somebody besides Supergirl.

That would be James Olsen, formerly the head of CatCo and now someone who works for Lena following her takeover of the company. Despite their work tete-a-tetes, what could be more interesting in upcomign episodes is how they come to interact on a personal level, according to actress Katie McGrath.

"It's difficult for James [with Lena] coming in and owning the company and him being the boss and now him not being the boss, but still [kind of being the boss]," McGrath told reporters during a recent set visit. "You've got this sort of antagonism between the two of us that we're still not quite sure of what our professional roles are. And then layered in on top of that, obviously, is the added fun of professional roles getting a little bit shady because of personal feelings. So I think as the season goes on that is going to come more into the forefront and I don't want to give anything away. So it's that kind of dynamic between figuring out professional and personal relationships."

That, of course, promises no romance, but fans are likely to take it that way -- and as someone who was in the room, that is how it kind of sounded.


When Lena first came in and took over the company, there was instant awkwardness between the pair: James (reluctantly) offered up his space, which Lena rejected in favor of having a more informal, "floating" arrangement in the office -- often orbiting around Kara, of course.

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