Superman & Lois: Here's Everything You Missed in "Loyal Subjekts"

The episode starts with Lois, Clark, and Chrissy trying to figure out what Morgan Edge is up to, and how the X-Kryptonite is tied to the candidates Lana has been rounding up for his leadership program. Cut to Edge asking Emily if she wants to become her "best self" and Emily accepting the offer. Next, we see that Lana is back to looking for candidates. Lois wants to stop people from working with Edge, and hopes that Clark's history in the town will help out, since Martha has been helping people in the town for years. At the Gazette, Lana comes to see Lois and Chrissy.

They quiz her on what's going on with the leadership program, and she can only tell them very general things. Lois tells Lana that she should take a break, but Lana is having none of it.

At the high school, Kyle tells Jon and Jordan that he really appreciates them being there for Sarah. She's talking to Jordan while Jonathan gets distracted by Teegan Wickham, the same pretty girl from last episode.

Clark runs into Emily at a diner, where she tells him that Edge's program is helping her to keep a better disposition and a clearer mind, and encouraging Clark to join up. Suddenly, Clark hears a bank robbery in progress in Mexico and flies there to stop it -- but midway through, his powers start fritzing out. He's knocked out for a moment before getting back up to finish the job, but flies home clearly disturbed.

Back at the newspaper, Chrissy tells Lois about a new ad Edge is putting in the paper, looking for twice as many candidates for the program. Lois charges into the staff meeting and tells the people there that Edge is planning to put Kryptonian powers and consciousnesses into the people of Smallville. He tells her nobody will believe her, and she tells him that they won't publish his ad, but that doesn't concern him much. He encourages her to use her signal device to call in Superman, saying it's risky, knowing that he's Kryptonian, and that he's excited to find out who he would side with.

At home, Clark is icing down some bruises from gunshots when Lois comes in to let him know what's going on, and she freaks out. They figure out it's likely from the gas Rosetti hit him with, and Lois decides to call Sam.

At the school, Jordan and Sarah are flirting at the piano when he starts sneezing -- and his hand is covered in icicles, as his freeze breath has started to take hold. He rushes out the door, leaving her hurt and confused. Before he can get out of the school, Clark comes to pick him up, telling him that they have to talk to the DoD about the effects of the synthetic Kryptonite toxin.

At the farm, Clark explains to Jordan that the kryptonite weapon apparently gave Clark a communicable illness. Sam tells Lois he's working on getting a cure.

At the school, Jonathan stops to see Sarah, who asks where Jordan is and tells Jon about what happened. Jon promsies to find him, and Sarah is worried because she's the first musical act up in the concert.

At work, Lana bumps into Emily and chats her up a bit. Leslie comes to grab Lana, and brings her in to Edge's office to be pitched the same offer he made Emily.

At the Fortress, Jor-El's hologram tells Clark that they can get the Kryptonite out of Jordan's lungs, but they will have to burn it out with intense heat. Clark consoles Jordan and holds him while the procedure happens.

Back at home, Jon joins the family, and Jordan is getting sicker by the moment. Unable to wait for Sam anymore, Clark flies Jordan to the Fortress. Lois tells Sam that she can't trust him around her husband or sons anymore, so he needs to get out of her life when this is all over.

Back at the farm, Jonathan tries to help Lois feel better about all the danger the kids have been in since Jordan's powers started to manifest. He assures her that Clark will be able to help Jordan. At school, Sarah can't find Jordan at showtime. Lana is sitting with Kyle and Emily, and Kyle sneaks backstage to help support her when she's ready to give up.

Back at the Kent farm, Jonathan tells off his grandfather, calling him a coward for failing to have faith in Clark.

Halfway through her daughter's performance, Emily suddenly hears something and gets up to leave, confusing Lana and Sarah. Kyle offers to follow her to see what's wrong. Back at Edge, Morgan tells Leslie that with Superman weakened, he has activated some of their Subjekts to take down Lois.

At the Fortress, Clark finishes Jordan's Kryptonian physical therapy. Back at the farm, Lois gets a call from Lana, warning her that Emily is acting weird. There's a knock at the door, and it's Emily, standing with another Subjekt, both of whom have the heat vision-powered angry red eyes of anger. They charge Lois and steal her signal device, but Sam Lane bursts in with a Kryptonite gas grenade and keeps them occupied while Lois and Jonathan can get to the barn, where Jon has squirreled away some of John Henry's weapons. Kyle comes to the barn, where he asks what's going on and Lois tells him Edge sent people to kill them. Kyle powers up, and the other two knock out Sam and rush to the barn. At the Fortress, Clark hears something and flies into the air with Jordan, just moments after a heart to heart moment about the fact that Jordan didn't ask for any of what's happening to him.

Through a combination of John Henry's weapons, Sam's, and a timely appearance by Superman, the trio are turned away.

Sam tells Lois that he's going to prioritize Smallville and the family now, and she tells him good, becuase she's worried that the war John Henry was talking about is coming.


In their bedroom, the boys have a chat about what's going on, and Jordan worries that Sam will tell Sarah everything. He calls her to try and get ahead of it, but she doesn't take the call, and Kyle comes home ot tell Lana that he can't remember anything that happened after he left the recital. Lana convinces him to admit that he accepted Morgan Edge's offer, and while she knows that's bad, Lana still isn't 100% in the know as to exactly how bad.

Chrissy calls Lois, revealing that her research indicates that Leslie and the hotel attacker from the pilot were both originally from Smallville, meaning that it's the long-term exposure to X-Kryptonite that makes Smallville residents receptive to the effects of X-Kryptonite. That's when Clark hears the signal device, and flies out to see whos' paging him. It's Edge. In the closing moments of the episode, Edge -- now outfitted in a a black super-suit -- reveals that he has powers. Unlike his lab rats, though, he doesn't have powers gifted to him by X-Kryptonite. Rather, he has had them just as long as Clark has. He calls Clark his brother, and then the episode fades to black.