Superman & Lois Star Inde Navarette on How Sarah Would Handle Learning Jordan's Secret

On tonight's episode of Superman & Lois, Sarah (Inde Navarette) came about as close as she could to learning the truth about Jordan Kent's super-powers. Confronted by Tag Harris (Wern Lee) with a video of Jordan (Alexander Garfin) at the bonfire from the series pilot. The wheels are certainly turning in Sarah's head, and when she later brings it up to Jordan, it does not seem like his denial is entirely convincing to her. The fear on the part of Jordan, of course, is what would happen if he were to tell the girl he likes that he's got powers -- let alone what might happen if she started to piece together the family history.

Of course, that possibility has loomed over the series from day one. Back in March, when Superman & Lois was just getting off the ground, we spoke with Navarette about her role as Lana Lang's daughter -- and asked her how she thought her character might respond, if Jordan should ever find himself in a position to come forward with the truth about his emerging powers.

"I think Sarah's very understanding, but I believe that it would take her a minute to get used to the same way it would be with anything," Navarette told ComicBook. "In her world, metahumans are normal. The Flash is a thing, Arrow's a thing, so in this universe it's normal to know about stuff like that but to have it in your personal life with someone you personally know, I think it would be kind of a shock. But I'd like to think she would handle it with grace. Maybe she would have a freak-out moment -- which would be so much fun to play -- but I definitely think she would have understanding behind it, and then a grace period where she would have to get used to it. But who doesn't want ot have a friend with super powers?"

So far, the answer to that last question is...just about everyone who knows Tag Harris. Of course, one can hardly blame him, given how his powers have turned out so far. So whether that context will help push Sarah (or anybody else) in a direction of being a little less accepting of metahumans in general or Jordan in particular is anybody's guess at this point.


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