New Swamp Thing Concept Art Shows Terrifying Appearance of Blue Devil

The first (and currently only) season of DC Universe' Swamp Thing is officially in the books, but we're still getting some pretty epic looks at how the series came to life. On Thursday, concept artist Jerad S. Merantz took to Instagram to share a detailed look at his design of Blue Devil, who was portrayed by Ian Ziering in the series.

While Blue Devil certainly made his presence known in the first season of Swamp Thing, there's something especially terrifying about seeing his character design in such a detailed way. The fact that Blue Devil was so terrifyingly comic-accurate was one of the many things people loved about Swamp Thing, which made the series' abrupt cancellation all the more tragic.

"I think it's entirely possible," Ziering said of a possible revival for the series earlier this year. "[The show getting canceled was] the biggest disappointment of my professional career."

"I was reliving my youth, and the fun of the 8-year-old inside of me getting to play the Blue Devil, working with Derek Mears and Crystal Reed, and all the people on that show." Ziering continued. "James Wan… it was such an unbelievable show. It's very sad that that ended with 10 episodes, unfinished. I know they had plans for so many."

"I had to kind of let go as an artist because I can't control any of that and I can just think the cup is half full because we did get to do the vision that James Wan originally had for doing a hard R horror drama for adults." series star Derek Mears said of the cancellation in an interview. "And I'm very happy with that."

"I like to go through it and - I've never been a part of something, anything I create or I'm a part of, I always expect 50% are going to like it, 50% are going to like it because it's art and it's subjective, but I haven't been a part of something where the majority of the response is being embraced and loved by the fans," Mears explained. "Being that I love it, I'll go in and check some of the hashtags and see what people are saying."

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The first season of Swamp Thing is available now on DC Universe.