'Teen Titans GO!' Movie Cast Features Kristen Bell and Will Arnett

The Teen Titans Go!.. to the movies, as was confirmed in a tweet from the show's official Twitter feed today!

A motion poster announcement reveals that in addition to the standard Teen Titans voice cast, the movie will also include Kristen Bell (Frozen) and Will Arnett (Ninja Turtles) as celebrity guest stars!

Warner Bros. announced a few weeks back that this movie adaptation of its popular animated series would be hitting theaters on July 27, 2018. It's not at all surprising, as Teen Titans Go! has amassed quite a big following of both kids and adults in its four-season run on Cartoon Network - certainly more so than the previous Teen Titans series, which featured the same cast but was much more series and serialized than the current zany and irreverent iteration.

Still no details yet on what the Teen Titans movie will be about, but we're sure to learn more soon. Stay tuned.


Teen Titans Go!: The Movie will be in theaters on June 27, 2018.