Teen Titans GO! Introducing Sixth Member of the Team This Summer

The titular team in Teen Titans GO! has long been comprised of five members: Robin, Raven, [...]

The titular team in Teen Titans GO! has long been comprised of five members: Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy. However, that's all about to change this summer. None of the members of the team are leaving, which is wonderful news, but they are going to be adding to their ranks. It was recently revealed that, in just a couple of weeks, there with be a sixth Titan, but their identity is being kept under wraps until their arrival.

Cartoon Network released a promo for the new Titan, which you can watch in the video above. There aren't any hints offered as to who the character in question will be, but it is definitely set up to be a very big deal.

The episode that will introduce the new Titan is called "Forest Pirates," and it is set to air on Memorial Day. The description for the episode explains that the current Titans team is attending Super Hero Summer Camp, and they want to participate in and win a canoe competition. The only problem? They need a sixth person to help them pull it off. So someone else joins their ranks and will stick with the team for the entire summer.

Cartoon Network also took to Twitter to advertise the arrival of the new hero. The cryptic tweet asks, "Who is the 6th Titan???" It also promises that we will find out on May 27th, when the next episode airs.

This Titan could be someone who has appeared on the show before, like Aqualad or Ravager, but that doesn't seem too likely. The grand mystery surrounding their identity makes it seem like a much bigger deal than a previous guest star. There's a chance that a newer comic book character could be taking the spot, helping introduce them to a wider audience. Someone like Naomie or Jessica Cruz would really fit the bill.

Either way, we'll know the identity of this new Titan soon enough.

Who do you think will be the sixth Titan on Teen Titans GO!? Let us know your predictions in the comments below!