Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Get New Designs

IDW and DC are uniting once again for a new entry in their popular Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, and James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams II are raising the bar even more for this third go-round. The duo started releasing new character designs from the anticipated sequel, and your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got some very Gotham-esque redesigns, and they are as awesome as you might imagine. Whether you're a fan of Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, or Michaelangelo, you'll find one design that you'll love, and we can't wait to see these designs in action when the series hits comic stores.

First up is Leonardo, who in this design has been merged with Nightwing. As you can see in the art below, Leonardo still holds his two trademark swords, but his mask has been tweaked to look like Nightwing's. Leonardo also features some added blue armor, which goes from his arms to his chest just like Dick Grayson's famous suit. The swords also have blue hilts to complete the look.

Next up is one of the slickest redesigns in Raphael, who is themed after Red Hood. Like Jason Todd, Raphael has a full mask with twin air filters and a hoody that can go over it. He's also got metal armor on his shoulders, knees, and chest, which also houses a red Batman-like symbol, as we as red leather straps around his arms and hands. Oh, and those sais are ready and waiting to tear someone to shreds.

After that, we have Donatello, who is also themed after Red Robin (aka Tim Drake). Donny has a mask that is separate from his purple cape and features a few pieces of purple armor that connects to his utilitarian belt. He also has armbands that can house extra gear and is wielding a staff here, just like Drake.

Last but certainly not least is Michelangelo, who is meshed with Damian Wayne's Robin. His domino mask has a Robin-like design and his cape is connected to a black and orange hood. He's also got his M symbol right where Robin's usually is, and a full belt that houses his nunchucks with an orange compartment in the center. Seriously, this screams Damian, and we love it.

Tynion revealed that the new series will be titled Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Crisis in a Half Shell, and will be launching later this year.

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