The Batman: Riddler Website Updated With New Countdown

The Batman has a new wrinkle as fans have discovered The Riddler's website has a countdown now. *Spoilers for The Batman are ahead.* In the lead-up to this movie, Warner Bros. began an Augmented Reality game to help get people familiar with this version of The Riddler. One of the villain's last strikes comes in a post-credit scene that links fans to On that site, people can answer some riddles to see the Thomas Wayne campaign advertisement from the movie. However, now there's a loading screen that has a cypher for you to access with a button that says [CLICK FOR REWARD]. The percentage on the loading bar continues to increase and fans are trying to get to the bottom of what twisted game The Riddler could be playing. It's pretty clear that there will be some sort of follow-up to The Batman. This big clue could be a moment that reveals what shape this could all take. had the chance to talk to Paul Dano about his part in the new superhero thriller. The villain actor shared some thoughts about the link between The Riddler and Robert Pattinson's hero that get hammered home through their interactions during the movie. "Rob [Pattinson] and that suit and the image of Batman had a special place on my wall for most of that shoot," Dano said. "Bruce Wayne a very different feeling. So from my point of view, pretty, pretty big difference."

 Pattinson has echoed these thoughts and said that he approached it on a different track. It could be argued his portrayal of Bruce Wayne as entirely separate from Batman plays into this as well. The mentality of the two men really comes through in the climax. Dano would continue to praise Matt Reeves for letting him step in and help mold The Riddler during The Batman's creative process.

"Well, Matt Reeves and I initially spoke about hero and villain and the two sides of trauma," Dano offered, before revisiting the qualities that make the villain such a good foil for The Dark Knight. "Because Batman is born of trauma from his parents death and he's still wrestling with that, especially in this film, I think. And so maybe as The Riddler in this film, so that's the kind of core emotional seed from which everything else grows and I think that's how you can find your way in. Then, unfortunately, it goes where it goes."

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