'The Batman': Matt Reeves Clarifies What The Film's Batsuit Won't Have

Matt Reeves will soon be the latest director to leave his mark on the Batman franchise, but he definitely won't be including one part of the character's lore.

Reeves recently replied to a fan on Twitter, who mentioned the infamous "bat nipples" seen in Batman & Robin. He responded to the joke with a bit of laughter, before seeming to clarify that the nipples wouldn't be featured on Ben Affleck's Batsuit in The Batman.

The topic of bat nipples has been on many DC Comics fans for decades, after Batman & Robin seemed to temporarily tank the franchise. Both director Joel Schumacher and former Batman George Clooney have since spoken out about for the wardrobe feature, with Schumacher arguing that it seemed like a breakthrough at the time.

"By the time Batman Forever came around, rubber molding had become so much more advanced." Schumacher explained earlier this year. "So I said, let's make it anatomical and gave photos of those Greek status and those incredible anatomical drawings you see in medical books. He did the nipples and when I looked at them, I thought, that's cool."

Some even jokingly brought up the feature in the early days of Affleck's casting. After wowing fans with his costume in the DC Extended Universe thus far, it's safe to assume that very few worried about the return of the bat nipples.


Reeve's involvement in the Batman franchise has been pretty eventful, even though the film has yet to officially enter production. Reeves was picked to direct the upcoming Warner Bros. venture back in January, after Affleck stepped down from writing and directing the film. Reports suggested that the film has since essentially been rewritten from scratch, with fans briefly worrying if the film would be unconnected from the DC Extended Universe. Reeves later set the record straight on that controversy, and the rest is history.

The Batman is set to be released (free of bat nipples) in 2019.