The Dark Knight Actor Cillian Murphy Isn't Impressed By Recent Comic Book Movies

With everyday that passes, it seems like yet another comic book movie is either announced, [...]


With everyday that passes, it seems like yet another comic book movie is either announced, released, or pushed to Blu-ray. The push for superheroes has been rallying for almost twenty years now. Obviously, that's quite a long time to for moviegoers to gaggle about. And, while many fans such as myself can't quite get enough of these comic book adaptations, it seems as if there are other who're tired of the trope.

Don't believe it? Just ask Cillian Murphy about the trend.

The actor recently spoke with Vulture to promote his upcoming film Anthropoid and made a few surprising comments about Hollywood's love for heroes. "Have they exhausted every single comic book ever?" he asked. "I don't know where they're coming from anymore."

Now, many might recognize how strange these comments might be coming from Cillian. After all, the talent actor is very widely known for having played Scarecrow/Dr. Jonathan Crane in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. It might rub some fans the wrong way to hear Cillian bash the film genre that gave him plenty of press, but there's no need to get anyone's Batarangs twisted. Cillian elaborated on this statements, indicating how he felt Nolan's films were beyond that of normal comic book fare.

The Dark Knight Trilogy
(Photo: Warner Bros. )

"It was a different time back when we made Batman Begins. I think that Chris [Nolan] has to take credit for making that trilogy of films. I think they're so grounded in a relatable reality. Nobody in those films ever had a superpower. Do you know what I mean? It's a slightly heightened level of storytelling, where New York is Gotham, and no one did anything magical. Batman in his movies just did a lot of pushups and was, like, British. So that's what I loved about them," he said.

The actor even mentioned Marvel's mega-hits during the conversation, saying, "My kids love the Marvel movies, but I don't know. I don't watch them."

Of course, fans can't expect everyone to love superhero flicks as much as they do. At the very least, I think most can agree on one thing though: Nolan's Batman films were pretty amazing. It would be hard for many to outright hate the director's trilogy.