'The Flash': Candice Patton Hopes Iris Does More Reporting in Season 5

Iris West-Allen may have spent The Flash's fourth season running Team Flash, but her real passion is journalism. It's something viewers saw her start to return to, her blog posts proving to be helpful in taking down The Thinker. It's a path series star Candice Patton hopes continues in Season 5.

In an appearance at POPSUGAR's Play/Ground festival earlier this month. Patton appeared with her fellow CW stars Ashleigh Murray and Vanessa Morgan (Riverdale) and Caity Lotz (Legends of Tomorrow) on the Screen Queens panel and told those in attendance that she wants to see Iris do more reporting next season not only because it fits her character's comic book roots, but also because of the message it sends to viewers, too.

"If you read the comics, [being a reporter is] her bread and butter," Patton said. "So, I think, story-wise, we've been separated from that for so long. I think fans, rightfully so, were a little irritated by that, I think it's also important see women doing what they love, instead of just being seen as a romantic love interest on the show."

She went on to explain that seeing Iris be her own person professionally was important to her personally.

"It's always been really important to me that Iris has agency, and that we see her at work, contributing," Patton explained. "I always say ' These characters, us as women, we're so much more than the man or the woman that we are in a relationship with.' And so, I really wanted that for Iris, and I hope we do it justice next season. I'm a little worried how we fit that into the world that we've created with Star Labs. But if they can do it right, I think it can be great. It would love to see Iris being a dope reporter, like she is in the comics."

While Iris getting back to work as a reporter would make for a nice return to the character's comic book roots, it might a bit challenging considering that the arrival of her daughter from the future, Nora, showed up during the Season 4 finale and is positioned to be a large part of Season 5. Having her future daughter show up seeming out of nowhere -- and declaring that she's made a "big mistake" -- is probably going to keep both Iris and Barry (Grant Gustin) busy. It will certainly be something that requires a huge adjustment for Iris, as Patton explained.

"I mean, I think anyone in that position would be like 'What the...'" Patton said. "You know. Because it's weird, her daughter came back from the future, essentially at the same age that [Iris] is currently. So, it's super trippy. I think both her and Barry are kinda like 'What the hell?'"

"And that also means that, you know, Iris has to be pregnant at some point." Patton continued. "When does that happen? How does this affect the time continuum, if she's coming back to the past? Could it fudge up whole storylines? Could Barry and I not be together? I have no idea what'll happen."


The Flash's fifth season will debut Tuesdays this fall at 8/7c on The CW.

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