The Flash: Chronicles Of Cisco Part 1 Released

The Flash's favorite inventor gets his own spin-off web series starting this week, as Chronicles of Cisco debuts.

The short gives a little look at what Cisco is up to when The Flash isn't actively trying to save the day. As he works on practical problems like making his superhero pal's costume bullet-proof (and more importantly, body-odor proof), and tries to avoid Jay Garrick's helmet, which held an unwelcomed surprise reveal for him a few weeks ago, Cisco just keeps on being Cisco, even with no one else around.

He also gets a late-night warming of a Meta-Human Alert, right there in S.T.A.R. Labs, something we'll see more of as the Chronicles continue.


Meanwhile, The Flash has an all-new episode tonight, as the team tries to figure out just what to do about Zoom now that they know (or think they know) his identity.