The Flash Confirmed To Reset The Entire DC Universe

It's a new era in the DC Universe. This past fall, Warner Bros. branded its superhero division under one specific umbrella, DC Studios, led by The Suicide Squad director James Gunn and Shazam! producer Peter Safran. While things remained relatively abstract in the subsequent months, it was clear that in order for the DC Universe to progress further, some of its past must be retired. That began with Henry Cavill's Superman, as the British actor confirmed that despite his cameo in Black Adam, he would not be part of the DC Universe going forward.

The decision to recast Cavill led many to question what would become of the already-shot upcoming DC releases. Some bit the dust, as Batgirl was scrapped entirely, while others are actively in marketing campaigns, as evident by Shazam! Fury of the Gods's most recent trailer.

Amidst the studio changes and off-screen controversy, one film that has remained up in the air is The Flash. The Andy Muschietti-directed project was once due in November 2022 but was ultimately delayed to this June. While Ezra Miller's long-term future in the DC Universe is still to be determined, The Flash is confirmed to be crucial to the future of the bigger picture.

"A fantastic movie that I really love, that resets the entire DC Universe," Gunn said of The Flash in his DC Universe: Chapter 1 announcement video.

Gunn went on to note that other 2023 releases, specifically Blue Beetle, are "totally disconnected." That said, the upcoming Superman: Legacy will officially kick off what will be the DC Universe moving forward.

"The one thing that we can promise is that everything from Superman forward, from our first project forward, will be canon and will be connected," Gunn said. "We're using some actors from the past. We're not using other actors from the past, but everything from that moment forward will be connected and consistent."

As for if one of those "actors from the past" will be Miller, that decision will come at a later date.

"Ezra is completely committed to their recovery," Safran said. "And we are fully supportive of that journey that they're on right now. When the time is right, when they feel like they're ready to have the discussion, we'll all figure out what the best path forward is. But right now, they are completely focused on their recovery. And in our conversations with them over the last couple of months, it feels like they're making enormous progress."

The Flash sprints into theaters on June 16th.