The Flash Director Departure Could Delay Release

Last week, DC fans everywhere were heartbroken to learn that The Flash film had lost yet another director. After Seth Grahame-Smith left the project earlier in the year, it seemed as thought everything was on the up-and-up when Rick Famuyiwa took the job.

It was announced recently that Famuyiwa has also left the project, creating a massive hole in the director's chair and seemingly zero time left to fill it.

Famuyiwa's departure could also see some of the actors follow him off the project. He was the main motivation behind getting some of the talent, mainly Kiersey Clemons who had signed on to play Iris West.

In addition to the potential loss of talented actors, an enormous time constraint has been added to the project that was already a bit behind. The director was also treating the script, so even that process has been set back.

Now, with the movie scheduled to release in March 2018, there doesn't seem to be time for anything get finished. A script needs to be finished, a director needs to form a vision, the cast needs to be filled, and production needs to begin. There isn't time to make all these steps a reality before the release date.

According to Variety's Justin Kroll, the film could be delayed after this departure.

Justin reminds us that nothing is confirmed, but it does look like things are heading in that direction. With Aquaman in a much better place production-wise, maybe it could move up and take the slot.


It's all speculation at this point, it looks like The Flash is slowing down.