'The Flash' EP Addresses Fan Theories on Mystery Girl's Identity

Ever since her first appearance during the Supergirl hour of the "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover this year, the identity of the Mystery Girl has been, well, a mystery. Arrowverse fans have come up with a lot of theories as to who she might be and now The Flash's executive producer is weighing in.

As reported by TV Line, Todd Helbing said following a screening of Tuesday's upcoming episode of The Flash, "Run, Iris, Run," that while the various fan theories are fun, no one has it completely figured out.

"Every year, there are theories all over the place about what we're doing," Helbing said. "Some of them get pretty close, some of them hit, like, one part of it but they don't get the other parts. I don't think anybody ever is going to guess exactly what it is."

Key word there is exactly. From her first appearance, fans immediately thought that his Mystery Girl, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, has to have some relationship with Barry and Iris. For starters, the character resembles Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry (Grant Gustin) both in appearance and behavior -- she's shown to talk fast when nervous and often uses scientific terminology as well. She's also been shown writing in the same, mysterious symbols that Barry did when he was first free of his Speed Force prison. All of these little clues have many fans thinking that she is either Barry and Iris' future daughter, Dawn Allen or even their granddaughter, Jenni Ognats though explanations on how she could be either have widely varied.

Some fans have even theorized that there's a clue within Iris' speedster costume for "Run, Iris, Run." As we've seen in previews for the episode, Iris will temporarily have speedster powers in this week's episode meaning the new heroine gets her own suit, one done in shades of purple with detailing similar to costumes that both Dawn and Jenni have worn in comic books. It's a detail that fans quickly picked up on and Helbing cryptically noted that viewers will "find out soon" the significance of Iris' suit.

While Helbing's comments don't give anything away, they do seem to reinforce the idea that whoever the Mystery Girl ends up being, there's more to her identity than just her name. Her most recent appearance on last week's episode of The Flash showed a new side of the character when, after "accidentally" bumping into Harry (Tom Cavanagh) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) at Jitters, her face turned from a nervous smile to an almost sinister gaze as she watched the pair walk away.

Whoever the Mystery Girl is and whatever her end game, fans will certainly be eager to find out the full picture of this intriguing mystery.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.



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