Team Flash Helps Big Sir in New 'The Flash' Video

The CW has released a new video from "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash," tonight's episode of The Flash.

In the clip, we find out a little bit more about Big Sir (guest star Bill Goldberg) and why he's locked up in Iron Heights. Thanks to a confrontation with the former mayor of Central City, Anthony Bellows (Vito D'Ambrosio) who is now incarcerated alongside Barry (Grant Gustin) and Big Sir, Barry finds out that while his new friend is convicted of killing an unarmed man, Big Sir is innocent. This miscarriage of justice leads Team Flash to track down the real killer -- who turns out to be a metahuman with the power to shrink things. You can check out the video above.

Of course, tracking down the real killer doesn't go particularly smoothly. Executive producer Todd Helbing explains that the real killer brings a bit of hilarity to the episode by shrinking down Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Ralph (Hartley Sawyer.)

"Barry learns that Big Sir, his new friend in Iron Heights, actually is innocent," Helbing explains. "The reason why he's in Iron Heights was completely because of another person that Team Flash discovers. It's a man named Sylbert Rundine and Sylbert Rundine, aka Dwarfstar, has the ability to shrink things. Of course, hilarity ensues when our team goes out to try to stop him and two of Team Flash's members get shrunk down to a couple inches big."

While Team Flash has to deal with miniaturized Cisco and Ralph in addition to trying to capture Rundine to exonerate Big Sir, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) has a metahuman issue of his own that he has to deal with. As Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) progresses with her pregnancy. she develops new, telepathic abilities and her newfound ability to read minds doesn't quite set Joe at ease.

"He's really happy to be having a baby with Cecile, but both of them are scared to death about being older and dealing with a little baby," Jesse L. Martin, who plays Joe West, told reporters late last year. "We both have full-time careers and of course I'm fighting crime with Team Flash so baby's going to put a monkey wrench in the program, but I guess it's going to be a good monkey wrench. And who knows what kind of baby is going to show up in Central City, right?"

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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