The Flash Showrunner Reveals New Details About Sue Dibny's Debut

While The CW's Arrowverse is regularly full of nods, teases, and Easter Eggs for fans of DC Comics, it was a moment during the Season 5 finale of The Flash that had fans very excited that a beloved character might be making her debut sooner rather than later -- Sue Dearborn, the eventual wife of Ralph Dibny in comics. Yet, despite the tease that Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) would be investigating a case involving Sue, thus far in Season 6 there's been no sign of her. It turns out that while Sue is coming fans will have to wait just a bit longer for the character's arrival and according to showrunner Eric Wallace it will be a huge spoiler and maybe not quite what it appears to be.

Speaking with TV Line, Wallace explained that Sue will be showing up during the back half of the season, there are actually two answers to the question.

"There's two answers to that: Sue Dearborn will appear in the back half [but] I would read into that when I say there are two answers to that question," Wallace said. "Sometimes what you see isn't what you see."

That back half of The Flash's sixth season will have more than just the appearance of Sue Dearborn. During the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, Wallace also revealed that The Flash will feature two Big Bads in Season 6 and that one of them will pick up after "Crisis on Infinite Earths" -- which puts that in the second half of the season.

"We're going to divide [the season] up into graphic novels," Wallace said at the time before clarifying that another villain will be the focus when the show picks up after "Crisis".

While who or what the villain is hasn't been revealed yet, some fans think that this week's "A Flash of the Lightning" may have laid the groundwork for it. During that episode, Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) was trying to help a metahuman named Allegra Garcia who had been arrested for murder. However, it was soon discovered that the real culprit was her cousin, Esperanza. Esperanza had been believed to be dead, killed as a result of the STAR Labs explosion, but it was revealed that she had survived and had been taken by some mysterious organization instead. With Esperanza having come back seemingly trained as an assassin and using the name Ultraviolet, it's not impossible that there the Big Bad post-"Crisis" could be this mystery organization.


The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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