The Rock Says Black Adam Is In His Bones, Confirms Writer

The Rock is coming to the DC cinematic universe, and he's now confirmed who he's bringing along with him.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson has been attached to the character of Black Adam for quite some time, but in a recent post, he revealed that he is starting work on finally bringing him to the screen. He'll be doing it alongside writer Adam Sztykiel, who worked with Johnson on his recent Rampage movie project.

Johnson wants fans to know just how excited he is to get started. "Excited to expand the DC Universe w/ writer Adam Sztykiel (co-wrote @rampagethemovie) and bring this complex & gritty anti-hero to the big screen," Johnson said. "This character's in my bones. Ruthless code. #Kneel #BlackAdam⚡️."

At one point it appeared obvious that Black Adam would be the main villain for the upcoming Shazam! film, but when that film finally got up and going it was revealed that Black Adam would not be involved in it. Shazam! director David F. Sandberg explained that there had been multiple versions of the script before he came along, but said "this is about Shazam," citing a renewed focus on the hero rather than the villain.

The good news is that Rock's Black Adam will still be used in the DC universe, and has been rumored for his own film as well as an appearance in Suicide Squad 2. Recently Johnson explained just why the role is so appealing.

"I love the idea that is backstory is that he starts off as a slave," Johnson told We Got This Covered. "I feel like when somebody is oppressed that way but has a bigger ambition and a greater belief than the oppression that's holding him down - that's a powerful place to be. [His] family getting killed, coming back from that; There's a lot of elements about Black Adam that have attracted me for a very, very, very, very, very long time."

It looks like The Rock will finally get his chance to play the role, it just remains to be seen when and where he'll debut first.


Shazam! lands in theaters on April 5, 2019.


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