The Rock Training for Black Adam, Shares New Video Animation

There year 2020 is kicking off with a bolt of lightning for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, as he's getting ready to claim 2021 as a year of the villain when his long-awaited DC Comics movie Black Adam finally premieres in theaters. So with production set to begin later this year, Johnson is celebrating the beginning of his preparation with a brand new animation based on that amazing teaser poster he revealed earlier this year. The teaser poster features a menacing Black Adam hovering in midair, before saying the magic word of "Shazam" and blasting off into the sky.

Check out the video clip from The Rock's social media page below!

Johnson has been campaigning to work on Black Adam for years now, so it's a bit surreal to imagine that the project is finally coming together. But after the success of 2019's Shazam! with Zachary Levi, it seemed inevitable that the spinoff movie focused on the villain would come together with the Rock involved.

Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia previously spoke with about the project, promising that the character's journey as both hero and villain will be respected in the upcoming film.


"You're going to meet is you're going to meet a character who's going through a journey," Garcia explained. "He was created as a villain. And through the love of the fans and through some great writers and storytellers, he evolved into an antihero. The antihero is a character that we always loved and that we responded to. But we understand that there's been many aspects to Black Adam through him. But ultimately this is a guy who, he does have a moral compass, as skewed as it may be. And ultimately he is a guy that everything has always been driven by his family and what happens to them and he is never opposed to unleashing hell when you cross him. So, I think when you add in those elements of that DNA, those are things we're very aware of."

Black Adam is set to premiere in theaters on December 22, 2021.