The Suicide Squad Star Idris Elba Is “Proud” Of Bloodsport Putting Superman In The Hospital

The Suicide Squad’s Bloodsport put Superman in the hospital and Idris Elba couldn’t be prouder [...]

The Suicide Squad's Bloodsport put Superman in the hospital and Idris Elba couldn't be prouder to let everyone know. Desus And Mero welcomed in the beloved actor to talk about walking the line between Marvel and DC. During their conversation, the trio joked that putting Superman in the ICU is something you would brag on forever. So, Elba took his chance to celebrate Bloodsport's accomplishment. A lot of fans wouldn't know about the character unless they caught James Gunn's latest film. But, now with the exposure of the movie, tons of people are clamoring for more of the actor in the role. (With the speed in which Warner Bros. is green lighting spinoffs, maybe they will get their wish!) Elba also mentioned the fact that Bloodsport was a bit unsung before being selected for this project. All of that will probably stop now as the movie characters have a way of leading their comics counterparts to a resurgence. Check out what the "Black Superman" had to say right here.

"Bloodsport is one of those characters that's in the vault for DC. Basically, he's famous for putting Superman in the hospital, and he's in jail for it when you meet him in the movie," Elba explained. "Call me sick, but I'm kind of proud of that. I love Superman by the way. But, trust me, anytime I can talk about that, I will. Look, this movie is a reinvention from Suicide Squad, which was a good movie also. But, this movie is James Gunn's take on the new Suicide Squad. It's quite fresh, it's very risqué. Very adult, you know what I mean."

In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Elba also said that the confrontation with Superman was a huge motivating factor behind his take on the mercenary. It's pretty clear from early on in The Suicide Squad that Bloodsport doesn't take any crap from most people except for Amanda Waller.

"I didn't know what character I was playing, but I knew the type of character and I knew the position he played within the storyline," Elba revealed. "So that's all I needed to understand, and I signed on. But I did know that he was the first guy to put Superman in the hospital because he shot Superman (laughs), and that's why he's in jail. That was very intriguing and also became a little bit of a motivation in some of my scenes and my character development."

The Suicide Squad is now playing in theaters and on HBO Max.

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