The Suicide Squad Star Sean Gunn Praises "Remarkable" Cast

The cast of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad seems to have quite an experience working together on the DC Comics movie. Sean Gunn, brother to the director who is no stranger to working with James on big films after portraying Rocket Raccoon in a pair of his Guardians of the Galaxy movies, opened up about his experience in the film where he portrays Weasel. The film is very much an ensemble flick, pulling together an incredible roster of talent with a long list of titles under their respective belts, and on the set of The Suicide Squad there were no egos in the way. There was only hard work and collaboration.

"I don't know much about what it was like for the other movie. I know form talking to Joel Kinnaman a little bit that they got to be close but all I can comment on was my experience with this film which was that it was just a remarkable group of actors," Sean Gunn said in an interview with The Movie Dweeb. "It kind of just goes to show you what the modern tentpole movie can be, that you'd have 15, 20 accomplished actors who have extensive resumes and have done all sorts of brilliant work, and every part of it wore that out. Every day on set you could tell, not only that I was working with good people, but everybody was really tremendous language. Pardon my language but everybody was on top of their sh-t. Everyone got along great and I would go in the trenches...I would go into th trenches of movie making with every single one of those people again."

While he couldn't say much about the story and characters in The Suicide Squad, Gunn doubled down on what DC Comics fans already know. "This is not a man in a weasel suit. This is a real weasel," he said. "He's really a giant weasel in a little bit of a man's body."

Sean Gunn and James Gunn have worked together in both major comic book franchises but also outside of the comic book franchises as well. According to the younger brother of the duo, they are very much a yin and yang when it comes to filmmaking.


"It's definitely different but the truth is that the answer to that question is more boring than you might like. We don't fight a lot as collaborators. Our jobs fit together very well," Gunn explains. "He's a writer/director. I'm an actor. He's my boss on set. He's also beeen my older brother my whole life. In terms of status, we're already where we're supposed to be. If I'm being truthful, I enjoy working with my brother more than I enjoy working with anybody. First of all, he's very good at his job. Maybe if he wasn't so good at his job I wouldn't feel that way...We have a history and a breadth of experience together where we have a shorthand where we can speak to one another. It's just very easy to collaborate with him. After we do a take, I can often tell whether we've got it right or not just by looking at his expression."

The Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 6, 2021.