'Titans' Batman Actor Revealed

The actors bringing Batman to life in the season finale of Titans have finally been revealed. You [...]

The actors bringing Batman to life in the season finale of Titans have finally been revealed. You read that right; actors, in the plural sense of the word.

Stuntmen Maxim Savaria and Alain Moussi confirmed they are sharing the role of the Caped Crusader for Titans, meaning that fans should expect some intense action sequences when Bruce Wayne finally loses his cool and starts killing his enemies.

Titans has dealt with Batman in an abstract form, referencing him or framing Bruce in a way that his face is never seen, but his presence is felt. Given that two stunt actors are portraying the character in the final episode, we expect that to continue to be the case. So don't expect any closeup shots of Batman, or any long conversations between the Dark Knight and his former protégé.

The episode will deal with Dick Grayson returning to Gotham City after Batman's fall from grace, when he decides to kill the Joker and his other enemies. Grayson will be forced to stop his former mentor by any means necessary.

Unlike other DC Comics-based TV series, Titans has embraced its ties to the greater universe. The show has name dropped heroes like Wonder Woman, Superman and the Justice League, and is finally showing the Caped Crusader on the small screen.

The show has also featured superheroes beyond the core members of the Titans, including the former Wonder Girl AKA Donna Troy. Actress Conor Leslie previously told ComicBook.com that her heroic identity would continue to play a role in the series.

"I will say that you will definitely see Wonder Girl peek through," said Leslie. "You will see elements of her come out. We're seeing Donna in her photographer gear. Dick [Grayson] didn't show up and she wasn't wearing her suit all of the sudden. I think fans are going to want to know when we'll see little peeks of Wonder Girl, and we will see it in the next episode — and some of her accessories."

Actor Curran Walters, who plays the new Robin Jason Todd, expressed interest in showing a comic-accurate portrayal of some classic Red Hood storylines.

"You know what man, I would just love to show the fans the full Jason Todd storyline, but yeah, like you said, you see a roughness [in] Jason... almost sort of a big chip on his shoulder," said Walters. "And you see him transform in the next episode between that fun cocky Jason Todd at the end and then you see him get pretty gnarly, and you know we'll see where his character goes, but I would love to have the comic book fans have what they want."

The season finale of Titans airs Friday, December 21st on DC Universe.