DC Shows Titans and Doom Patrol Reportedly "on the Chopping Block" After Batgirl Cancelation

There are a ton of questions surrounding the future of DC productions at Warner Bros. Discovery, and that likely won't change any time soon. By axing Batgirl after the HBO Max film had nearly finished production, the company made it clear that it was going to reshape the DC movie and TV franchises in its own image, going back on many of the decisions from the previous regime. Outside of Joker 2 and the films already slated for release in the next two years, everything is up in the air. This includes the Titans and Doom Patrol TV shows, which now seem to be in some serious danger of getting canned.

Despite earlier reports that the two HBO Max shows (which began on DC Universe) were in a good place, Variety is now stating that they could be in some trouble. The publication's latest report on the DC situation claims that both Titans and Doom Patrol are "said to be on the chopping block." At this time, however, no definitive decisions have been made.

This is certainly frustrating for fans, as both shows have been running for a few years. But DC TV has been making big shifts over the last year. The entire Arrowverse will be finished soon, as The Flash is entering its final season. With the new Warner Bros. Discovery leadership team looking to keep costs down for streaming properties, Titans and Doom Patrol are prime candidates to be cut.

At this point, it's hard to tell exactly which DC projects will continue and which ones will be shut down. On the TV front, the two safest bets are Matt Reeves' The Batman spinoff series centered around Colin Farrell's Penguin, and the second season of Peacemaker. Production on the Penguin series is set to begin early next year, and James Gunn has said on multiple occasions that Peacemaker is still on track for Season 2. 

It also seems likely that Harley Quinn would be safe moving forward. There hasn't been any official news on that front, but the series has a massive and dedicated following to going along with hordes of critical acclaim. Plus, the animated series is much cheaper to produce than its live-action counterparts.

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