'Titans' Release First Official Look at Wonder Girl

Titans continues to add more and more popular comic book characters to its ever-growing roster as [...]

Titans continues to add more and more popular comic book characters to its ever-growing roster as the DC Universe original series just saw Jason Todd join the ranks a couple of weeks ago. It looks like Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl, is next in line, as Warner Bros. and DC have just unveiled the first photos of the character on an upcoming episode of the show.

On Tuesday, the first photos of actress Conor Leslie's portrayal of Donna Troy were released online. The photos, four in all, depict Donna as an investigator or perhaps a journalist, digging into Dick Grayson's story. If you recall, the two characters have a history together, as was hinted at earlier on in the series.

Take a look at photos of Donna Troy's debut below:

wonder girl titans 1
(Photo: Warner Bros. Television)
wonder girl titans 2
(Photo: Warner Bros. Televison)
wonder girl titans 3
(Photo: Warner Bros. Television)
wonder girl titans 4
(Photo: Warner Bros. Television)

It's unclear exactly when Donna's first appearance on Titans will take place, but it won't be in this Friday's "Asylum". That means the first time we would potentially see the character is on the eighth episode of the series, which will arrive on November 30th.

In October, Titans producer Akiva Goldsman talked with ComicBook.com about the pending introduction of Donny Troy, and he couldn't help but sing the praises of what's to come with the character.

"Wonder Girl is spectacular, and exactly what you would imagine, you know?" Goldsman teased. "We're trying to… Hawk and Dove are in the second episode, we're trying to feather [our characters] out. It's not like everybody is in every episode. We are [doing] a little bit of moving through relationships, in order to form the team."

This means it's likely that Wonder Girl will eventually join the Titans in a more full-time capacity, like she does in the comics. Whether or not that happens in the show's first season remains to be seen.

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