'Titans' Season 2 Expected to Start Filming in March

After the first season ended with a major cliffhanger, many fans are eager to find out what is [...]

After the first season ended with a major cliffhanger, many fans are eager to find out what is next for Titans on DC Universe. Apparently we won't have to wait long, as filming on Season 2 is set to pick up soon.

According to a report from Hollywood North, the second season of Titans is expected to begin filming in March, wrapping up production in Toronto sometime in September.

The final episode of the season featured Dick Grayson attempting to save Rachel, but getting forced into a dream sequence by her villainous father Trigon that forces Dick to confront his darkest fears. He ultimately succumbs to his base instincts, stopping a murderous Batman by killing him and embracing his own darkness.

Titans showrunner Brad Walker explained why this was a necessary decision for the show, despite the event being somewhat anti-climactic for a season finale.

"I think one of the things that most intrigued me and brought me to Titans was this idea of depicting Dick Grayson and his journey as Robin in a very emotional and psychologically grounded way," said Walker. "I liked it both thematically and I liked it from a cliffhanger point of view, and I liked that it focused, in many ways, back to where we started with the Dick-Rachel story," Walker said. "It felt very focused and sharp and made you want to know how you're going to pull him back from the brink of disaster, as it were."

The new season will also introduce Conner Kent, the clone of Superman (and possibly Lex Luthor) also known as Superboy. After the character was teased in the post-credits scene for Titans, Walker said they're still working out how to introduce him on the DC Universe series.

"It's still brewing," Walker replied. "What I can say is that we still want to take the same dimensionalized and psychologically grounded approach that we do with the other characters and apply that same pressure to Conner Kent and see what shakes out when you put a character like that through that test. You know, questions of identity, questions of powers, questions of your place in the universe. These are all questions that are interesting for any kind of Superman character, and are really interesting for Conner."

All episodes of Titans are now streaming on DC Universe in the United States, or on Netflix internationally. There's no word yet on when Season 2 will premiere.